Hors Route

Leaving paved roads brings up new challenges for vehicles and drivers. At the same time it allows to introduce new technologies at an earlier stage, as there is more freedom and less constraints compared to vehicles interacting in daily traffic on rail and road. Smart farming and autonomous operation are the proof that this vehicle class is at the forefront of technology. No matter if you are harvesting your fields, tearing down old walls or building up new infrastructures, agricultural & construction equipment are key for what is coming our way into the future. Camozzi components connecte, brake, fuel, lubrication or low pressure hydraulic lines. They allow to pneumatically pilot hydraulic systems, to control coolant flows or to manage tire pressures. Camozzi Automation is the right partner On and Off the Highway.

  • Suspension des sièges : Raccords, Vannes, Régulateurs
  • Réglage de la colonne de direction : Raccords, Vannes
  • Chauffage de la cabine : Vannes
  • Entrée d'air frais par des volets actionnés : Vannes, Raccords, Actionneurs

  • Système de freinage : Raccords, Vannes
  • Système de suspension : Raccords, Vannes
  • Gonflage des pneus : Raccords, Vannes, Régulateurs et sous-systèmes (Active & Passive)

  • Hydraulique (pneumatique pilotage): Raccords, Vannes
  • Actionnement des volets, verrous, portes,...: Actionneurs, Vannes, Raccords
  • Système de Graissage/Lubrification : Raccords
  • Hydraulique à basse/moyenne pression : Raccords

  • Actionnement pneumatique : Raccords, Vannes, Vérins
  • Système de carburant : Raccords, Vannes
  • Système de refroidissement : Raccords, Vannes
  • Circuit d'huile : Raccords
  • Traitement des gaz d'échappement : Raccords, Vannes, Regulateurs
  • Extinction d'incendie : Raccords

Hors Route